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Oh Bum-seok recalls nightmare from 13 years ago…”It was on Messi…If I had stopped it, I would have gone to Real”

Former South Korean soccer player Oh Bum-seok has recalled a nightmare from 13 years ago. In […]

On fire, Noh Si-hwan hits three consecutive home runs in the first inning…Season 24-25 (overall)

Noh Si-hwan (23-Hanwha), the league leader in home runs, showed off his “fire bat” by hitting […]

‘I’m now Lee Kang-in’s senior,’ former PSG player Ronaldinho arrives in South Korea with a unique gesture

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho has arrived in South Korea. Ronaldinho arrived at 5:15 p.m. on Aug. […]

‘Gave us the lead’ KIM misses crucial pass → Tuchel points out Kim’s mistake…”I lost my way”

Kim Min-jae made a costly mistake in defense that led to the opening goal. Bayern Munich […]

“$524.3 million to $600 million” Ohtani’s value rises again, ’40-15 minimum games’ another milestone

As the Los Angeles Angels continue to crash and burn, Shohei Ohtani’s value is skyrocketing. There […]

‘Worst finances’ Varsha, Guindoan unable to register…’free agents’ if not by Aug. 12

Barcelona’s finances are still the worst. Despite signing Ilkay Gundogan on a free transfer, the club […]

Lukaku↔Vlahovic swap deal fast-tracked… Chelsea-Juve ‘win-win’ deal

Chelsea and Juventus are ready to swap strikers. “Chelsea and Juventus are set to discuss a […]

LA Dodgers increase international signing bonus to bring in Jang Hyun-seok

The Los Angeles Dodgers have confirmed that they are very interested in Masan Yongmago pitcher Jang […]