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Klinsmann-Hairchoke, the coach, just blame others

The last Asian Cup, which failed to achieve its goal of winning the championship after a […]

U.S. FanGraph “The best among freshmen Lee Jung-hoo wRC+ San Francisco batters”

Local media in the U.S. predicted that Lee Jung-hoo (26), an outfielder for the San Francisco […]

Mustakus, who now only has “name value,” will rebound from the return AL Central

Mustacus will take on the challenge for the White Sox this time. The Chicago White Sox […]

The division of fist-bumping with the national flag on… The Clines Manho already lost that day

On the eve of the semi-final match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC), foreign media […]

Cup aftermath is strong… Irresponsible Cleansman, silent and unresponsive Chung Mong-gyu

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who was eliminated in the semifinals of the Qatar Asian Cup, and Chung […]

Clinsman’s inauguration is almost a year away! It’s a shame that you have to put a word in it

German coach Jurgen Klinsmann is under criticism. This is due to his sluggish performance at the […]

Klinsmann, who said he would return to the Asian Cup, went to the U.S. in two days… to attend the Vision Strengthening Committee

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who said the South Korean national soccer team reached the semifinals of the […]