If you win, everything’s going to be great

It used to be called a “clash disaster” because it caused a disaster until the group stage. However, now that they have advanced to the semifinals, social media and communities are using the term “clash and grow” to immerse themselves in Klinsmann’s charm.

In the end, it is a result. If you lose, you will fail even if there is a good process, but if you win, you will succeed even if it is a bad process. In particular, if you win a tournament like the Asian Cup, which is not an ordinary league, you will be “wonderful.”

This is the same even when looking at players. Cho had been attracting attention by appearing on popular entertainment programs until the tournament. However, he received harsh criticism amid his worst performance in the group league. He even received criticism that had nothing to do with soccer, including “Do not appear on entertainment programs.”

However, in the second half of the match against Saudi Arabia in the round of 16, the words “sorry for swearing” gained popularity with a dramatic equalizer in the 9th minute of extra time.

The same applies to goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo. He became a national star after playing in just three matches at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Since then, he has remained No. 2 since being pushed out of the starting lineup for the national team, but only in the first group match, when Kim Seung-gyu, the main goalkeeper, returned to Korea due to a cruciate ligament injury, Cho suddenly assumed the starting goalkeeper position.

In the two group matches, Cho was somewhat sluggish. He was evaluated as disappointed. However, he blocked two penalty shootouts in the match against Saudi Arabia in the round of 16, becoming a national hero again for the first time in six years since 2018. The team also recovered its past nickname of “Bit Hyun-woo” through outstanding defense performances in the match against Australia in the quarterfinals.

In the end, whether you are a player or a coach, if you do well and win, it is the best thing, and it is a characteristic of soccer, or sports, that is clearly criticized if you are sluggish at important moments.

Calmly, the “fact” that coach Klinsmann showed at the Asian Cup was not good remains unchanged. As Hwang Ui-jo’s departure did not make any preparations, the frontline offense has become a weakness of the national team until now, and the full-back position, where Seol Young-woo is being abused, is also a problem because he does not have to select a reserve.

In addition, the performance that was reversed and dragged against weak teams such as Jordan and Malaysia, and the processes that would have been dangerous from the first game were not for Lee Kang-in’s heroic performance despite winning against Bahrain, have more to criticize than praise Klinsmann.

In the match against Saudi Arabia in the round of 16, he suddenly took out three hundred, which has never been used since his appointment, and showed a sluggish performance. He only won thanks to Cho Kyu-sung’s equalizer just before the end, and the shocking content of “shooting 0” in the first half of the match against Australia should be questioned.

However, such talk went viral. There was a lot of public opinion against Japan’s replacement, which is called “Kle-Chaeng,” but it is also absurd to say that Korea is the only non-Middle Eastern team to advance to the semifinals and lose in the semifinals.

Some say, “I was lucky to score a goal in the second half of extra time.” Maybe. However, it is said that the best among Deokjang, Jijang, and Woonjang is Woonjang. There is a saying that goes, “Once it was a coincidence, twice it was suspicious, and three times it was for sure,” but Klinsmann scored four times in a row in extra time, and if this is luck, it can be considered “conviction.”

As the results were good, “Clept disaster” has now changed to “Clept Up,” which permeates director Klinsmann, who laughs and says positive and optimistic things about everything. 마카오토토

In the end, sports are like that. The result is the most important thing. Players can settle their sluggishness all at once, and they can blow away what they have been doing well all at once. When I see Clinton, I feel anew that coaches cannot be different from sports in their nature.


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