It’s not “Son Heung-min’s Solstice.” “Tottenham and Werner are considering a long-term future.”

Timo Werner will not end up as a short-term replacement for Son.

This winter’s transfer window. Tottenham Hotspur have made two big signings. The first was Genoa’s Radu Dragusin, who is a prominent center back in the Italian Serie A league, and recruited him as part of a bid to boost defensive depth.

The second is Leipzig’s Werner. To fill the vacancy of Son Heung-min, who was elected to the Asian Cup, Werner was brought in through a six-month short-term loan.

At the time of recruitment, there were mixed reactions of concern and expectation. He was certain to have a high point as he scored 30 goals for this season with Leipzig, but his form has not been good recently. He was branded as a “slugger without a goal” by scoring only 23 goals during his two seasons with Chelsea, and he has not recovered his form even after returning to Leipzig. This season, he was pushed back by Benjamin Seschko to become a candidate.

Werner, who joined Tottenham, was immediately regarded as a ‘essential’ resource. With Son absent, his role was too big. He made his debut in the Premier League (PL) against Manchester United and started in the last FA Cup match against Manchester City to play full-time.

For now, Tottenham has no choice but to rely on Werner. That’s because he is the only player who can play Son Heung-min’s role. However, after Son’s return, his position is likely to decline. As it was a short-term loan for six months in the first place, it is very clear that his role is to fill the vacancy of Son Heung-min. 월카지노

However, Tottenham doesn’t seem to think of Werner as just a “short-term replacement for Son Heung-min.” Alesdare Gold, who is in charge of Tottenham’s news for the British media Football London, said, “I wasn’t under the impression that Enze Postecoglou was only trying to drag players along in the short term. He wants players to invest in the system. So does Werner. Given the way Werner talks, and the way Postecoglou talks about him, it seems that they are already considering the long-term future beyond this season.”


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