“Without cheating paper…” I couldn’t keep my promise, but Ohtani 100% said his acceptance speech in English

Shohei Ohtani (30) expressed his feelings about winning the MVP (Best Player) only in English without Japanese.

Ohtani attended the MLB Awards held in New York on the 28th (Korea Standard Time) hosted by the American Baseball Reporters Association (BBWAA) and took the podium to thank more than 600 spectators. Standing in front of the microphone in a dark suit, he sang about two minutes of greetings in English.

The Japanese media did not spare praise for this.

“Voice of praise for being amazing in the market in fluent English” (Sports Hochi)

“Otani’s English speech changes the atmosphere of the president in a moment.” (Full count)

“American fans are also surprised by Otani’s English skills, saying they are “talented” and “inspired.” (The Answer)

It was dealt with as ‘Thank you to everyone in fluent English’ (Nikkan Sports).

“Over the past six years, everyone has helped me a lot and gave me an opportunity to play passionately. I am grateful to the owner, coaching staff, colleagues and fans,” he said of his Los Angeles Angels, expressing his gratitude. He also expressed his gratitude for his expectations and support from fans all over the world for the Dodgers, which is starting anew.

Japanese media FullCount reported that Brian Hawkes, a Yankees reporter at mlb.com who watched the scene, responded, “It’s great.”

According to the media, he said, “I remember when I won the Rookie of the Year award five years ago (2018). I definitely saw him struggling with his English back then,” adding, “I remember what I said at the end of my speech. I made everyone laugh by saying, ‘I will do it without a cheating paper next time I stand here.'”

“Otani seems to continue to speak while watching how he felt in advance on this day, but unlike five years ago, he certainly showed fluent English,” Hawks said. “This change in communication skills will be a very important basis for his development.”

This was evidenced by a conversation with Dusty Baker, a former Astros coach who was the presenter of the game. Baker gave Ohtani an award and made a light joke on the stage.

“This guy is so mean. He looks at me and gives me a casual greeting when he comes out to bat. Then, he pretends as if he didn’t see it. I know he’ll hit a home run later,” Baker said. “When I turn my head around in a upset mood (after hitting a home run), I’m filming my wife (Mrs. Baker) coming home with a big smile in the audience.”

“He is the most talented and humble friend. He even has a good appearance,” Ohtani said in a rave review. Ohtani, who was next to him, naturally understood all of Baker’s humor and reacted without an interpreter.

According to interpreter Itpay Mizuhara, Ohtani does not have a private instructor, but he has bought a textbook and is teaching himself. Nevertheless, he is good at communicating, and although he is a little clumsy, he has no difficulty communicating with colleagues through confident expressions. According to a survey of Angels players last year, a media outlet reported that he is doing well without an interpreter. (English score) seems to be 6.5 out of 10 points. 꽁머니환전

In addition to Ohtani, other winners of the AL MVP award, Ronald Acuña Jr. (NL MVP), Gerrit Cole (AL Cy Young Award), Blake Snell (NL Cy Young Award), the Rookie of the Year award and the Best Director award attended the ceremony. Most of the winners were referring to what they had prepared in advance when delivering their impressions.


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