‘KIA Releases → Enters the Dominican League’ Foreign Pitcher Wins the Championship Trophy…Final Series 4 Games ‘ERA 0’

Adonis Medina, a pitcher who was kicked out while playing for the KIA Tigers last year, won the Dominican League trophy.

Medina, who was released in June last year, played in the Dominican League for Tigress del Lisei. Tigress beat Estrelas Orientalis 3-2 in Game 7 of the final Dominican League series on the 28th (Korea time) to win the title with four wins and three losses.

Tigress lost both Games 1 and 2, but won Games 3 and 5, leading the way. After losing Game 6, Tigress won Game 7 by one point and won the dramatic championship.

Tigress will participate in the 2024 Caribbean Series in Miami, U.S., from February 1-9, as the Dominican League winner.

In Game 7, Tigress had one out and runners on second base due to a throwing error by the opposing shortstop, who was trying to play a double play with no outs and runners on first base in the third inning when the game was 0-0. Gustavo Núñez’s timely hit gave him the first run. After that, he hit consecutive doubles and ran away 3-0.

Estrelas chased after one point in the fifth and one point in the seventh, but Tigress secured a one-point victory in the top of the ninth inning when closer Asensio Hiro kept it scoreless.

Medina did not take the mound in Game 7, but she pitched in four of the final seven games, recording one win and zero ERA. She allowed three hits, two walks, one out and two strikeouts in three ⅓ innings.

Trailing one win and two losses, Medina earned a lucky relief win in Game 4. She allowed one hit and no run in one ⅓. Tigress starter Niko Telache grounded out to shortstop and struck out two in the top of the fifth inning with a 3-0 lead. When she got the hit with two outs, Medina took the mound as a relief pitcher.

Medina finished the inning with an infield grounder with two outs and a runner on the first base. Medina then hit a leadoff hitter with a fly ball to right field in the sixth inning and allowed a hit to center field with one out. She threw out the first base runner with a check ball, and struck out Robinson Cano swinging two outs later.

Medina was sluggish in Game 6. She took the mound as a relief pitcher at the top of the sixth inning with one out and the bases loaded when the game was tying 1-1. She allowed a come-from-behind run by throwing a pitch to the opponent team’s first batter, Miguel Sano. She then gave up another run by walking three balls and one strike. With the bases loaded with one out, she allowed additional runs due to a sacrifice fly to right field.

He was replaced by a relief pitcher with two outs and runners on the first and third bases, trailing 1-4. Medina allowed three runs and allowed three runs in the ⅓ innings, one walk and one out. 라바카지노도메인

Medina pitched in nine games (one game as a starter) and posted an ERA of 2.93 without a loss. She pitched 15 ⅓ and allowed 18 hits, 11 strikeouts, seven walks and seven runs (five earned runs). She pitched in three games and had zero ERA. She allowed four hits, two runs (no earned runs) and two strikeouts in four ⅔.


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