“Decided to part ways” Who will be Klopp’s Liverpool replacement… Steve Gerrard, Sabi Alonso most likely

Interest in replacing Jurgen Klopp, a “master” who led the Liverpool Renaissance for eight seasons, is hot.

Klopp officially announced on Wednesday (Korea time) that he will put down his leadership of Liverpool at the end of this season. “Klopp has informed the club that he wants to leave his position at the end of the 2023-2024 season, and decided to step down after this season,” the Liverpool club said. “Klopp will continue to lead the remaining 2023-2024 season, and then put an end to his glorious eight-and-a-half years. Under his leadership, Liverpool has lifted six major championship trophies so far.”

Klopp, who became Liverpool’s head coach in 2015, has decided to part ways after putting down a long journey of eight seasons. He expressed his intention to leave without regret. Klopp said, “I understand that many people will be shocked when they first hear the news. But I can explain it clearly. Or at least try to explain it. I love everything about this club, everything about the city. I love everything about the fans, and I love the team and the staff. I love everything. Still, making this decision shows that I am confident that this is the decision to make.” He is “burnout” because of his resignation. “I am running out of energy right now. I have to announce it someday, but I am okay right now. Still, I know I cannot continue this job for too long.” Klopp continued, “I am still a normal person, but I did not live a normal life for too long. I do not want to wait until I am too old to live a normal life. I think this is the right moment for me, and I can no longer work next year, so I think it is the right moment for the club.” Liverpool’s fans, who are five points ahead of second-place Manchester City this season, are shocked. As Klopp is determined to take the path of putting it down “a little early” rather than “too late,” discussions and behind-the-scenes work have already begun on his successor to lead Liverpool after the summer.

Liverpool legend Steve Gerrard has long been talked about as a potential successor to Klopp. However, Gerrard’s career as a coach has somewhat stagnated, as a former Liverpool captain. He recently extended his contract with Saudi Arabian team Al-Etifak. Nevertheless, Gerrard is considered the most promising candidate among Klopp’s successors along with other “named” coaches such as Xavi Alonso, Julian Nagelsmann, and Jose Mourinho.

Liverpool said Klopp would leave with all of his coaching staff, but Betfair, a betting website, offered a 7/1 dividend on the possibility of Pepin Reynders taking the helm. Also, former Liverpool midfielder Xavi Alonso was named the most likely candidate to succeed Klopp with a dividend of 8/11. Alonso has been leading Bayern Munich with his outstanding performances in Leverkusen this season, leading the league with no losses. Roberto De Gervi, who has been impressive as Brighton manager over the past two seasons, also posted a 17/2 dividend rate alongside Zinedine Zidane.

Julian Nagelsmann, who took the helm of the German national team after being fired from Bayern Munich in March, recorded an 11/1 dividend rate alongside Steve Gerrard, while Angie Postecoglou, who is leading Tottenham’s revival, was also given a 14/1 dividend. In addition, Diego Simeone, Jose Mourinho, Graham Potter, Luis Enrique, Thomas Frank and Luciano Spalletti were all 25/1, Antonio Conte, the former Tottenham manager, 33/1, and Rafael Benitez Celta de Vigo, who lifted the FA Cup trophy at Liverpool, had a 40/1 dividend rate for the first time in 20 years. 꽁머니환전

In an interview with Liverpool’s official channel, Klopp promised that he would never take charge of any other team in the Premier League. “If you ask me if I’m willing to work as a manager again, I’ll say no right now,” he said. “However, since I have never experienced such a situation before, I don’t know for sure how I would feel. What I know for sure is that I will never take charge of an English club other than Liverpool. It’s impossible to take charge of any other team,” he said, expressing his sincere feelings as a Liverpool man.


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