A new variable in Mbappe’s future for Real, participating in the Paris Olympics…EPL big clubs also have a series of love calls

Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) wants to compete in the Olympics.

According to a report by Football London on the 24th (Korean time), whether Mbappe will be allowed to participate in the Paris Olympics is expected to be a variable in the process of choosing the next destination. As Mbappe wants to participate in the Olympics, it is highly likely that he will hold the hands of the team that allows it.

Mbappe will be free this summer. Since his contract with PSG is ending, he can freely find a new team without paying any transfer fee in the summer.

The transfer to Real Madrid, which seemed the most likely, is sluggish. It is heading towards the end of January without any news. The transfer market is only a week away. Soon the transfer market will close. At this rate, Mbappe is likely to stay at PSG and spend the rest of the season in French Ligue 1.

The key is whether he renews his contract with PSG. With an annual salary of 100 million euros, PSG is diligently making moves to win over Mbappe. Currently, Mbappe’s basic annual salary is known to be 72 million euros. In other words, he will raise his salary by more than 40 billion won. If he renews his contract, he will likely find it difficult to transfer.

If they do not renew their contract, they will have more options. As there is no transfer fee, most teams can move to recruit Mbappe. Football London reported that Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool will prepare bets to recruit Mbappe.

Whether Mbappe will participate in the Olympics or not could put pressure on the club. This year, Euro 2024 will be held from June to July. Mbappe plans to play at the event as a member of the French national team. After Euro 2024, Mbappe will play at the Paris Olympics from July to August. Then, Mbappe will play only as a member of the French national team throughout June to August. He cannot afford to attend pre-season club events. PSG reportedly accepted Mbappe’s offer. 월카지노주소

Other clubs may have different views. No club wants to recruit players who cannot join a club for two months at a time. They need to start the season without proper training. No matter how much Mbappe is, conditions are burdensome.

Moreover, European big clubs recently have pre-season tour programs in the U.S., Australia, and Asia. The programs will be of great financial help and help them build sense of play in real games. Teams that recruit Mbappe are expected to have positive effect when they start pre-season tour with Mbappe. However, if Mbappe is called up to the national team and cannot participate in the pre-season together, it will inevitably be agonizing over many factors. This could be a variable of recruitment.


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