8 months of elbow surgery → 40m long tosses ‘loose’ KT’s young ace So Hyung-joon is warming up for his return to the season in the Philippines

“I do 40m (m) long toss, and I’m focusing on rehabilitation training.”

“I am desperate. I am sweating profusely in my rehabilitation training while waiting for the day to take the mound again. This is the story of young ace Cho Young-joon (23), who used to be the king of KT. Cho, who was put on the operating table last year due to a torn ligament in his right elbow, is making efforts for rehabilitation in order to return to the team this season. If this continues, he will be able to return to the team in the middle of this season. Leaving the training camp to the Philippines is also a commitment made to make a speedy return to the team.

So Hyung-joon left for the Philippines on the 15th. It is with junior Shin Bum-joon and this year’s rookie pitchers Won Sang-hyun and Yuk Cheong-myeong. They are headed for the “KT Wiz Philippine Care Program” designed by KT for the future of the pitching staff. The period is from the 15th to the 10th of next month.

A KT official said, “We have planned a Philippine care program to lay the groundwork for the growth of young players who need rehabilitation among the team’s key players and technical training in the first division,” adding, “We are expecting a ‘win-win’ effect between the team and the players by supporting the optimal training environment for the best condition.”

Training programs in the Philippines are intense every four days. They go through weight training, running, technology and reinforcement training, and even treatment. They use a systematic ITP program. Their goal is to raise their physical condition to 70 percent.

One week after he started training. “Clark, the Philippines, is a place where you can only focus on training,” said So, who contacted Sports Seoul through his team. “The temperature is high, but it’s not humid and it’s perfect for exercise,” Cho said. “I did 40m long tosses yesterday. I don’t have any strain on my arm and I’m in good physical condition. I feel better and better now that my rehabilitation process is smooth and the weather is warm.”

KT failed to reach the top at the last minute last year due to lack of strength. It achieved an magical journey by ranking second in the last place during the regular season, but was defeated by LG to settle for the second place in the Korean Series. For KT, which is re-preparing for the scenario of rising to the top, So is one of its key resources. If So returns to the top, KT’s starting lineup could become stronger.

KT’s starting lineup, which will have Korean ace Ko Young-pyo standing on top of William Cuevas (33) and Wes Benjamin (30) who led the KS stage last season, will be able to rebuild its “pitching kingdom” when Cho returns. KT, which is aiming for the presidency again this year, will thus have a great momentum.

“While working on the Philippines program, I am only thinking about returning to good health this season. My top priority is to build a healthy body without thinking about anything else and not getting sick again,” Cho said, vowing to “make efforts to return to good shape.” 마카오토토주소

Rookie Won Sang-hyun who is currently training with Cho Hyung-joon in the Philippines also has strong commitment. What’s more, it is all the more meaningful to be with role model So Young-joon in high school. “I think we got closer to Hyung-joon in the Philippines after having dinner together. I can’t believe he is getting closer to role model and playing pranks,” Won said. “He gives me a lot of advice on my future professional career, but I want to be a great professional player as well.”


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