“Is it the first time in six months to purge your favorite?” Ten hahaha, new GK recruitment candidate appears… “I may enter competition after the national team.”

Manchester United manager Erik tenhach is considering recruiting a new starting goalkeeper.

England’s Daily Mail paid attention to Manchester United’s goalkeeper recruitment plan on the 19th (Korea time), saying, “Andre Onana’s position could be in danger.”

Ahead of this season, Onana left Inter Milan for Manchester United. It was the call of his former teacher that he left Inter Milan, where he had already established himself as the main player and played until the European Champions League final. Onana, who was with Tenhach during his Ajax days, immediately chose to become popular with Tenhach’s courtship.

It was a considerable transfer fee, but Manchester United made an investment. David De Gea’s time was coming to an end, so a new goalkeeper was needed. Expectations were high for Onana, who was excellent in both his ability to defend and pass.

Onana disappointed everyone, including manager Ten Hag and his fans, with his appearance below expectations. The problems were ridiculous errors in defense in the European Champions League, regrettable judgment, and inconspicuous kick ability. Some fans also wanted De Gea to return.

Nevertheless, Tengha kept Onana’s starting position. He did not lose his position as the starting goalkeeper until leaving to participate in the African Cup of Nations as a member of Cameroon’s national team.

However, the atmosphere changed when he left for the national team. It has been argued that Manchester United could introduce a competitive system for the main goalkeeper by showing interest in recruiting a new goalkeeper.

The Daily Mail said, “Tenhaq is trying to bring in a new goalkeeper and Onana’s place could be in danger. Onana has made a difficult start for Manchester United due to several mistakes. Manchester United are interested in signing Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel. If Provedel signs, he can compete with Onana for a place.”

Provedel is a veteran goalkeeper who has been playing for Lazio since 2022. In particular, he has been playing steadily on the Serie A stage, starting with Empoli in 2020. He has also displayed his stable defense ability, including 32 clean sheets in 72 games for Lazio.

If veteran goalkeeper Provedel heads to Manchester United, the burden is expected to increase for Onana. In the absence of Onana to participate in the Nations Cup, Provedel can get a chance to prove his ability, and the starting position may vary greatly depending on his performance during that period. 월카지노주소

With Onana’s disappointing performance, Manchester United has started looking for a new goalkeeper in just six months. It is also expected that Onana, who was favored by Ten Hag, will not be able to keep her position as the main goalkeeper even in one season.


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