Don’t know about Neuer’s broken leg… Man U veteran ‘controversial’ photo of ski resort during break

Raphael Varane is controversial for posting a picture of his visit to the ski resort on social media. It is pointed out that he made this judgment despite the precedent that doing other sports activities during the season could lead to dangerous situations.

The Sun, a British daily newspaper, said, “Barran took pictures of himself spending his free time in a snowy area and posted them on his social media account. Manchester United reportedly banned players from skiing during the season due to injury risk. The photo only shows Baran, who took pictures with slopes and skiers in the background, but Baran will definitely be asked questions after his return to Old Trafford.”

In the photo released on social media, Varane is wearing sunglasses and smiling in the background of what is believed to be a ski resort. The reason why it can be assumed that the place in the photo is the ski resort is that the slopes, lifts, and skiers in the ski resort were photographed. It is not possible to confirm from the photo that Varane was skiing, but it is doubtful enough.

The problem is that Manchester United bans players from skiing during the season, as explained by “The Sun.” “Coach Eric Turn Haah will get angry when he learns that Varane, the injury-prone type, recklessly skied. Most clubs across Europe banned outdoor activities during the season for fear of serious injury to their players,” the media said.

There was also a case where he suffered a serious injury while skiing recklessly during the season. It was Kim Min-jae’s team, Bayern Munich, and Germany’s national team’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer. When Germany came home early after being eliminated from the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, he broke his leg in a skiing accident during the World Cup break. The injury kept Neuer from playing for about 10 months but he put on his goalie’s gloves again this season.

Moreover, Varane has been sidelined for a while due to injuries at the end of last season and this season. It is natural that Turn Haah is angry after hearing that Varane, who has become an injury-prone player since joining Manchester United, is skiing with high risk of injury. More than anything else, Turn Haah has banned players from skiing.

As Manchester United has a busy road ahead, the latest incident is being handled more sensitively. Manchester United is currently seventh in the Premier League with 32 points from 21 matches in the Premier League. Manchester United’s goal is to enter the top four, which is nine points shorter than Arsenal who are in the fourth place. Arsenal played one less game than Manchester United.

Manchester United, which swallowed its regret by drawing 2-2 with Tottenham Hotspur, will leave Wolverhampton after a two-week break. If Manchester United wants to enter the fourth place for the rest of the year, it needs to narrow the gap with sixth-ranked West Ham United by winning against Wolverhampton. 마카오토토주소

According to “The Sun”, Baran’s side claims that Baran did not ski. “Baran’s representative claimed that Baran did not ski at the resort,” the media said, adding that Baran denied the allegations.


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