“I would have signed it at least by paying blood”… ‘Light’ Vicario’s transfer story, ‘Going to London’ that I really wanted

“Bit” Guglielmo Vicario (27) was desperate for a move to Tottenham Hotspur. He expressed his thoughts at the time.

The British newspaper Guardian released an interview with Vicario on Monday (Korea time). “I said I would have walked all the way here and signed it with my own blood if I had to. It was a way of expressing that it was an opportunity that I could not miss,” Vicario said while delivering about his trip to Tottenham.

He continued, “I was ready to walk from Italy to England. Or I would have run. Without a pen or something, I would have cut myself and signed it with blood.”

Vicario was a goalkeeper who did not receive much attention before moving to Tottenham. As he belongs to Empoli, he was inevitably less interested than the big clubs in the league. His performance was amazing. In the 2022-23 season, he played 32 Italian Serie A games and gave up only 41 runs, with a whopping 70% of his saves.

Then, Tottenham ended up on the radar. Tottenham needed a new starting goalie ahead of this season, and its initial goal was David Raya. However, as negotiations failed due to the transfer fee issue, it sought to recruit Vicario as the next best option. The transfer fee was very cheap and only 20 million euros.

It was the best recruitment. Vicario has allowed only 29 runs in 21 official matches so far. Notably, the defense team collapsed due to the absence of Mickey Van Der Pen and Christian Romero in the Premier League, but the team overcame the crisis several times only with its good defense. In addition, Coach Enze Postecoglou’s defense is bound to be loose as he plays attacking soccer, which he was able to continue pushing because Vicario firmly blocked the back door. 월카지노주소

Vicario, who has established himself as Tottenham’s lucky charm, also shone in his words. He warmed up with stories that fans would like the most. He expressed his pride as a Tottenham player, saying, “I was ready to walk from Italy to England,” and “I would have cut myself and signed with blood if I didn’t have a pen or anything.”

Tottenham won’t have to worry about goalkeepers in the future. This is because there is a “light” Vicario.


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