“I’m preparing to break with Hwang Heechan…I’m worried about crying, “I’m going to prepare for you.”

Wolverhampton’s Hwang Hee-chan (27) will try to score for the second consecutive game.

Wolverhampton will play a home game against Everton in the 20th round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season at 0 a.m. on the 31st (Korea time).

Wolverhampton aims to win three consecutive games on the day. Its opponent, Everton, has recently lost ground due to points cuts. As Wolverhampton plays at home, it needs to maintain its upward trend.

Hwang Hee-chan’s role is expected to become more important. This is because Hwang Hee-chan shook the net as he opened the scoring in four games. It is also the last game before the Asian Cup call-up.

Hwang Hee-chan scored multiple goals in an away match against Brentford in the 19th round of the Premier League. It was his first multi-goal of this season and his first double-digit score since his debut in the Premier League.

As a result, Hwang Hee-chan will be the second Korean player to score double-digit points in a season after Son Heung-min (Tottenham) in the Premier League stage.

It also rose to sixth place alone after Son Heung-min with 11 goals and Jared Bohr (West Ham), who are tied for fourth in the league’s scoring category.

Hwang Hee-chan will rewrite Wolverhampton’s history. Hwang Hee-chan became the third player in Wolverhampton’s history to score more than 10 goals. Previously, Stephen Fletcher and Raul Jimenez posted records for two seasons each.

He is also the fastest player in the club’s history to score double-digit goals. He has scored 10 goals in 19 games this season. Previously, the fastest pace was in the 2010-11 season, when Fletcher scored 10 goals in 20 games.

Hwang Hee-chan is making this season his best year. Hwang Hee-chan, who joined Wolverhampton on loan for the 2021-22 season, played in earnest when he moved to a full transfer for the 2022-23 season.

The first two seasons were not satisfactory. His condition was noticeable due to frequent injuries. The proportion of starting players was not that big. As a result, there was no stable score. It was a big disappointment with four goals in 32 games last season.

Hwang Hee-chan has shown remarkable performance this season. He is already in his third career high season at Wolverhampton. He has 11 goals and two assists in a total of 20 games. He has broken the league record for the most goals scored since his debut. 월카지노

It is thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s outstanding scoring ability. The Premier League secretariat is also paying attention to Hwang Hee-chan’s decision-making ability. Hwang Hee-chan has recorded 11 shots on goal in the current 19 games. He has scored 10 goals among them. This is proof that the conversion rate of goals was great. The Premier League already paid attention to Hwang Hee-chan’s accuracy in October as well. He also shed light on his excellent ability to score goals even with a small shot with a hit rate of over 40 percent at the time.

Wolverhampton manager Gary O’Neill also praised Hwang Hee-chan for his instinct to score. “If Hwang continues to play and show sharp performance like he did, there is no reason why he cannot surpass 15 to 20 goals,” he said. “The Premier League is difficult. It may take some time for foreign players to adjust.”


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