“Let’s Go Giants” $100 million man in uniform, “Handsome?” “I’ll do my best to make the team win.”


Finally, he wore a San Francisco Giants uniform and a hat. And his first word was, “Does it look good?”

After signing a six-year contract worth a total of $113 million (about 146 billion won), Lee Jung-hoo finally arrived at Oracle Park, the home of San Francisco. He also wore a San Francisco uniform and hat.

Lee Jung-hoo transferred from the KBO League to the Major League with the highest amount of contract. After signing a contract worth over 100 million dollars for the first time, he passed the medical test on the 15th (Korean time) and signed an official contract, and held a press conference at Oracle Park on the 16th with an official joining ceremony.

Lee Jung-hoo wrote down greetings and read them in English. Scott Boras, the agent who led the major contract with the San Francisco Giants, thanked his family, and shouted “Let’s go Giants” to play for the San Francisco Giants. In addition, he wore a uniform and a hat and asked, “Handsome?” making the conference room soft.

Asked why he chose San Francisco, Lee Jung-hoo said, “It was a team that I liked because it has a lot of history and many legendary players recently won a lot. It’s an honor to play for a team with such a long history.”

He called his immediate homework adaptation. “I have to adapt to the new environment. New pitchers, new environment, baseball stadium…. In Korea, I travel by bus, but from here, I travel by plane. I have to adjust to the time difference and there are many things I have to adjust to. I will prepare to adapt quickly,” Lee said.

When asked what he most anticipated, he said, “It is Oracle Park for the first time since I visited Arizona Diamondbacks in spring camp from Kiwoom. I’m looking forward to playing in the Major League Baseball.” 랭크카지노

When asked what he learned from his father Lee Jong-beom, Lee Jung-hoo said, “I didn’t learn anything in baseball,” making the audience laugh. “Personality. I learned things that can grow as a good person and how to act when a player is good,” he said.

There was also a question about the ankle injury that caused concern during the medical check. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I’m 100% recovered now. There are a lot of people who helped me when I had surgery, so I think I should work hard for them.”


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