‘TOP4 93% of the time’ history proves Tottenham’s ascendancy, final ranking falls to 5th?

How will Tottenham Hotspur finish this season?

Opta, a soccer statistics company, shared its predictions for the final Premier League (PL) standings for the 2023-24 season today. It showed the chances of each of the 20 PL clubs finishing in the top 10.

Once again, Opta predicts Manchester City to win the title (currently ranked fourth, 47.8% chance of finishing first). Leaders Liverpool (currently first, 31.5% chance of first place) and Arsenal (currently second, 16.6% chance of first place), as well as surging Aston Villa (currently third, 4.1% chance of first place), were mentioned as contenders.

If media predictions are to be believed, the most likely top four are the same four title contenders. Man City (99%), Liverpool (97.4%), Arsenal (94.4%), and Villa (78.9%).

Tottenham, who dominated the English scene earlier in the season, has only a 13.3% chance of finishing in the top four. The most likely position is fifth, at 29.5%. Sixth is next at 25% and seventh at 15.6%.

It’s a far cry from an undefeated streak. At the time, the BBC explained that Spurs, with 20 points after eight games, could be in contention for the title. “Spurs have never had more than 20 points in their first eight league games of a season. These numbers should make them aspire to a top-four finish. Since the PL reorganization in the 1992-93 season, 28 teams have secured 20 points after eight games, 11 of which have won the title and the TOP4 success rate is 93%.” 헤라카지노

“The only exceptions were Newcastle United in 1994-95 and Aston Villa in 1998-99. The only exceptions were Newcastle United in 1994 and Aston Villa in 1998-99, which is a testament to Postecoglou’s credentials, which some experts have questioned, and his style of play, which contrasts with that of Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho.” In other words, if Tottenham fails to finish in the top four, as Opta predicts, 93% will be broken.

Of course, predictions are predictions. Tottenham turned things around with a huge win over Newcastle United last round and will look to extend their winning streak against Nottingham Forest this weekend.


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