One step to relegation, one step to promotion…the fate of Gangwon and Gimpo on the line

After this match, the two teams are evenly matched. Now, just one game will decide where the teams will be next season.

Gangwon FC and Gimpo FC will face off in the second leg of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2023’ promotion playoffs at Gangneung Sports Complex on September 9 at 2pm. The first leg at Gimpo Solter Soccer Field ended 0-0 with neither team scoring.

Everything will be decided in this match. If Gimpo wins the second leg, they will be promoted to K League 1, while Gangwon will be relegated to K League 2 after eight years since 2016. Conversely, if Gangwon wins, they will stay up once again for the first time since the 2021 season, ending Gimpo’s promotion dreams. Both teams’ futures hang in the balance.

Both teams failed to score in the first leg. Gimpo pounded on Gangwon’s goal with Lewis and Juningyo, but the defense of the K League 1 Final B’s lowest conceded goal was solid. Gangwon’s attack was spearheaded by Gallego, Kim Dae-won, and Lee Jung-hyeop, but Gimpo’s defense, which is known for its salty defense as the lowest conceded in K League 2, was not easily penetrated.

The moods of Gimpo and Gangwon were different. Gimpo gained confidence from the first leg. After the game, Gimpo head coach Choi Jung-woon said that both he and his players felt that the first leg gave them the confidence to play against a K League 1 team. On the other hand, Kangwon’s head coach Yoon Jung-hwan was disappointed that they didn’t get a result and looked forward to the second game.

However, it’s hard to expect an explosive game in the second leg. Both Gimpo and Gangwon are not known for their offense. The home team scored the fewest goals (30) in the 2023 season in K League 1, while Gimpo finished eighth in the K League 2 scoring rankings. As with the first leg, there’s a good chance this will be a defensive, one-goal affair. 토토사이트

Considering that relegation and retention, promotion and failure to be promoted, are on the line, one mistake could prove fatal, so both teams will be cautious.


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