“With Kim Ha-seong, ground balls can’t get through the infield” Rave reviews for the first Asian infielder to play GG in the U.S.

It’s been five days since Ha-Sung Kim, 28, of the San Diego Padres, was recognized for his stellar defense by winning the Major League Baseball (ML) Gold Glove (GG) for the 2023 season. But it’s not over yet.
“Pittsburgh needs to make a bold move this offseason,” said Lumberjack, an American media outlet that focuses on Pittsburgh Pirates news, on Monday (Nov. 11). “Kim is locked up until 2024, but he would be a near-perfect fit in the Pittsburgh infield.”

Kim, who broke into the majors with San Diego in 2021, had a career-high season in both offense and defense this year in his third year in the big leagues. His progress was most notable on offense. Despite a significant drop-off in performance in the second half of the year due to rapidly depleting stamina, Kim hit .260 with 17 home runs, 60 RBI, 84 runs scored, 38 doubles, a .351 on-base percentage, a .398 slugging percentage, and a .749 OPS in 152 games, posting career highs in most offensive metrics. As a result, he was one of four Silver Slugger finalists for the National League utility award. Lumberton noted, “Ha-Sung Kim had his best season ever. He’s gotten better every year since coming to the U.S., posting a wRC+ of 112.” 무지개토토 주소

But the offense wasn’t the only reason Pittsburgh needed him. “The offense is great, but it’s the defense that’s been consistent since he came to the majors,” Lumberger said. “He’s one of the best infielders in baseball,” Lumberton said, “and last year, when he played mostly second base, he had an above-average defense with a DRS of +10 and an OAA of +7. He also posted a DRS+10 and OAA+7 last year when he played mostly shortstop, and he’s posted a DRS+9 and OAA+2 at third base in nearly 600 innings over three years.”

DRS stands for Defensive Runs Saved, a measure of how many runs a defender prevents, and OAA stands for Outs Above Average, a modern defensive metric that measures how many more outs a player gets than the league average based on statcast. In addition, Kim’s +9 Defensive Runs Defended (SDI), developed by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), which is used to calculate Gold Glove awards, ranked ninth in the National League and first among second basemen at any position, making him the first Asian major league second baseman to win a Gold Glove.


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