You can watch Yeo Jun-seok compete…MBC Sports+ to broadcast NCAA ‘exclusive’ live coverage

MBC Sports Plus will exclusively broadcast South Korean basketball future Yeo Jun-seok (21)’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) game.

On November 11 at 11 a.m., MBC SportsPlus will broadcast the NCAA game between Gonzaga University and Yale University. MBC SportsPlus plans to quench the thirst of basketball fans by broadcasting pre-season games of Gonzaga University, where Yeo Jun-seok is a member.

After entering Korea University in 2022, Yeo was recognized for his college basketball skills by being selected for the national team. Considered one of the top prospects in Korea, Yeo enrolled at Gonzaga University, a prestigious American basketball program, to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA. Gonzaga is a traditional powerhouse that finished as the NCAA runner-up two years ago.

NCAA commentator Kim Il-doo said, “The American sports system is not an easy place to adapt to. But from what I’ve heard, Yeo is doing better academically than I expected and is getting along well with his teammates. He is also very good-looking and seems to be popular among his local friends.”

In South Korea, Yeo played center or power forward. In the U.S., however, he is expected to play an outside role rather than under the basket. “It’s time for him to make the most of his experience in Korea and adapt to American basketball,” said Kim Il Du. The outside position is a new challenge for Yeo. I’m curious to see how he’ll perform in American basketball.” 토토사이트

Yale University, the opening game’s opponent, is a prestigious Ivy League school but is considered to be less powerful than Gonzaga University’s basketball team. “Yeo Jun-seok, who is in his first year at Gonzaga, is not yet a top 5 player. However, since the first game is against Yale University, which is a weaker team than Gonzaga, he might get enough playing time. We look forward to seeing his fiery dunks in the United States.”

You can watch Yeo Jun-seok make his first appearance in the United States on November 11 at 11 a.m. on MBC SportsPlus.


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