Can ’23 KT’ become ’18 SK’ with wins, losses, wins, losses, wins… Breaking the ‘Steel Magic’ mold?

Can the KT WIZ of 2023 pull off a ‘win-lose-win-lose-lose’ Korean Series upset like the SK Wyverns of 2018? It depends on breaking the ‘Steel Magic’ mold.

After winning Game 1 of the Korean Series 3-2, KT WIZ suffered a heartbreaking 4-5 loss in Game 2. With the series now 1-1, KT will return home for Game 3 on November 10.

KT was on the verge of victory in the second game after the first. Despite scoring four runs in the first inning of the second game to take the lead, KT gradually began to lose ground as they failed to capitalize on Choi Seong-ho’s triple in the second inning and a bases-loaded opportunity in the fourth inning. In the end, KT suffered a bitter upset as their trusted pitcher Park Young-hyun collapsed.

KT came to the Korean Series after a hard-fought Game 5 of the playoffs. If they had won Games 1 and 2, they would have had a chance to close out the series in four games. However, after dropping Game 2, the series moved on to LG.
The only other Korean Series upsets since 2010 were the 2015 Doosan Bears (3rd place in the regular season) and the 2018 SK Wyverns (2nd place in the regular season). KT would love to see the 2018 Korean Series upset, where SK came back from a five-game playoff deficit to win the series 4-2 with a win-loss-loss-win-loss record. It’s a similar picture to KT’s current mood. 무지개토토 도메인

However, KT’s Achilles’ heel is that they are slowly losing stamina. Son Dong-hyun, who pitched in every game of the playoffs, started to show signs of fatigue in Games 1 and 2. Park Young-hyun was also unable to shake off the effects of a hard hit in Game 1. If KT’s winning formula of starting with a six-inning start and finishing with a seven- to nine-inning closer doesn’t work, the rest of the series will be even more difficult.

In the end, it will come down to whether the team’s bats can produce more explosive runs or whether the team can make changes on the mound. In the 2020 Korean Series, Doosan bounced back from a Game 1 loss to the NC Dinos in the regular season by winning Games 2 and 3. However, as the team faced a grueling schedule that included a day game in Game 4 with their main hitters showing signs of fatigue, they collapsed in three straight losses.


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