‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol reclaims championship belt, earns 100 million won. Wins global tournament, beats Japanese player

‘The championship belt is coming back.

‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-chul (32-Lord FC Wonju) reminded us why he is called ‘Asia’s strongest’. He never stopped attacking. Even when he was being attacked, he was attacking through the gaps.

Kim Soo-cheol defeated Akira Haraguchi (28) of Japan by TKO via pounding at 4:25 of the second round in the finals of the ROAD FC 066 Bantamweight Global Tournament at Chiak Indoor Gymnasium in Wonju on Monday, becoming the first winner of ROAD FC’s new global tournament system. He took home 100 million won in prize money and the bantamweight championship belt that he had surrendered. The bantamweight winner of the 2023 Road FC Global Tournament.

Kim began practicing mixed martial arts as a middle school student at a gym run by Road FC President Jung Moon-hong. He has been a professional fighter since the age of 19 and has four championship belts around his waist: Japan Rising Lion Featherweight Champion, One Championship Bantamweight Invitational Champion, and Road FC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion.

In 2017, he retired due to panic disorder and returned after four years. He also competed in Japan’s Raijin FF, where he defeated bantamweight Grand Prix winner Hiromasa Ogikubo to earn championship-level treatment at Raijin FF. In this tournament, Kim defeated the favorites, including Russia’s Alexey Indenko in the quarterfinals and Brazil’s Bruno Azevedo in the semifinals, to reach the final. He is highly motivated and determined to win. Kim declared that he would use the 100 million won in prize money for his family if he wins, and he put everything he had into this tournament to win.

Akira Haraguchi was born in 1995, and despite his young age, he has plenty of experience in the game with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses. He’s not the tallest fighter at 1.69 meters, but he’s a strong, solid fighter who is a former Japanese Team Gladiator featherweight champion. He has a wrestling base and excellent ground skills. Akira Haraguchi, a former featherweight, dropped down to bantamweight for the ROAD FC Global Tournament and dropped his Gladiator title. He won his quarterfinal match against Problem Hoon by decision and advanced to the finals by submission in the quarterfinals. His quarterfinal opponent, Rajabal Sheydullayev, failed to pass the weigh-in 13 minutes late at 200 grams over. Back in Japan, Haraguchi put in a grueling training regimen to defeat Kim. He knew that Kim was a good striker and grappler, so he prepared to deal with that.

After dominating in the quarterfinals and semifinals, Kim was equally dominant in the final.

He applied pressure from the start of the first round. Haraguchi tried to make a tackle, but Kim easily choked him. Haraguchi tried to tackle, but Kim easily choked him. From the top position, Kim continued to apply pressure with ground and pound.

But Haraguchi, who has excellent ground skills, was not to be denied. He grabbed Kim’s waist and lifted him up for a takedown. However, Kim used the situation to his advantage, grabbing Haraguchi’s arm and locking in a rear-naked choke.토토사이트

In the second round, Kim started off with a flying high kick. Haraguchi grabbed Kim’s right foot and went for a takedown, but Kim wrapped his arms around Haraguchi’s neck from behind and landed on top of him, pounding away.

When Haraguchi realized he couldn’t take it to the ground, he suddenly started throwing punches from the stand. Haraguchi’s punches landed on Kim’s face in quick succession, and it looked like he was in trouble, but Kim was unfazed and responded with punches of his own.

Kim’s knee connected with Haraguchi’s abdomen, and Kim continued to punch Haraguchi in the face. Haraguchi held his ground. They stood for a moment to recover, but Haraguchi was completely out of gas. As they stood and exchanged punches, Haraguchi was dropped by a left hook from Kim and the referee stopped the fight due to Kim’s pounding.


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