‘Well-spoken foreigner’ Matej dominates in epic match

Scored his ‘most goals ever’ in the ‘longest match ever’. Gave his commander his ‘most wins ever’.

Even against the defending champions, she was unfazed. Serve, advance, retreat, block, they just kept piling on the points.

Matej Kok (199 cm), our outside hitter from Slovenia.

URICAD is riding high after opening the season with four wins in four games. At the center of this is Matei, who is experiencing the V-League for the first time this season.

Matei has played in all four games this season and is currently leading the team in scoring with a blistering 120 points. He is 24 points behind the second-place player, KB Insurance Stars’ Andres Biyena (194 cm).

Matej scored a whopping 47 points against the Korean Air Jumbos in the first round of the Dodram V-League Men’s Division for the 2023-2024 season at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on March 25. “It was really hard,” Matei said after the game.

The reason for his tongue-in-cheek comment was that the game was the longest game ever played in the V-League Men’s Division. With 165 minutes of total game time, it surpassed the previous record of 160 minutes set on November 13 last year between the Samsung Fire Blue Force and KB Insurance.

The two teams battled to the fifth set, with the match going to deuce in the second, third, and fifth sets.

And that’s not all. “I don’t think I’ve ever hit more than 75 to 80 balls in a game in my life,” Matej said, “and I’ve rarely scored more than 35 points, but I think today was the most I’ve ever scored in a game.”

As it turned out, it was Woori Card who had the last laugh in the match. After dropping the first two sets to Korean Air, it looked like their winning streak might be coming to an end, but they came from behind in the third set and eventually won their fourth straight match in what was described as an ‘epic’ match.

Matei has a 100% winning percentage in the V-League. How does he analyze the secret?

Matei first analyzed it from the team’s perspective. “First, we don’t commit many errors. Second, we make good plays in blocking and middle play. And thirdly, we play with ease,” he said.

He then turned to his individual stats and beamed. On the day, Matei scored 47 points, including a 53.85% attacking percentage. His offensive share was 50.98%. “It feels good to know my record,” Matei said with a smile on his face.토스카지노

“Honestly, there is pressure and pressure,” Matei replied honestly. “I know that’s the role of a foreigner in the Korean League,” he said, adding, “I don’t mind the pressure because it’s appropriate for my position.”

Woori Card head coach Shin Young-cheol also praised Matei’s performance, which earned the team the honor of being named “No. 1 in the V-League for most wins”. “Usually, players from foreign countries don’t listen to us, but Matei listens well and follows our instructions,” Shin said, describing him as a player who is good at speed offense.

“During the game, I check the rhythm and step and tell Matei, and he follows it well,” he said, adding, “As a result, we won the decisive point today.”

Korean Air head coach Tilikainen also applauded Matei. In his pre-match briefing, Tilikainen said, “Matei, who is a foreign player on our card, has been playing very well lately,” and after the match, he praised Matei, saying, “His serve came in very well and shook the team.”


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