Han Sae-am, Gyeonggi-do president, won three titles in five years in track and field by grade level

Han Sae-am (Geumjeong-cho, Gunpo) sprinted to a three-peat in the girls’ elementary school division at the 2023 Gyeonggi-do Presidential Grade Level Athletics Competition and the first selection round for the 53rd National Youth Games.

Han Sae-am clocked 29.04 seconds in the girls’ 5-year 200m final on the second day of the competition at the Yeoncheon Public Sports Complex, finishing first ahead of Park Ji-eun of the same school (29.59 seconds). Han Sae-am also teamed up with Park Ji-eun, Noh Eun-chong and Yeom Do-ah in the 400-meter relay to help Geum Jeong-cho win in 56.90 seconds, giving her three titles, including the 100-meter title the day before (14.01 seconds).

In the men’s 6-year 200m, Park Yun-seung (Suwon Yeongdong), the winner of the previous day’s 100m, won the event in 25.35 seconds, easily beating Seol Ji-hwan (Jipyeong, Yangpyeong – 26.01 seconds), and Kim Dong-ha (Unjung, Seongnam), the winner of the 5-year 200m, added a gold medal in 26.96 seconds, also including the previous day’s 100m.먹튀검증

Meanwhile, in the men’s 3-year 800m, Kim Hyun-woong (Suseong Middle School, Suwon) took first place with a time of 2:08.79, narrowly beating Kim Kang-min (Siheung Middle School – 2:08.97), while Kim Jung-ah (Gapyeong Middle School) and Shin Yoo-hee (Sanbon Middle School, Gunpo) in the women’s 2-year 800m and 1-year 3000m, respectively, joined him on the podium with times of 2:22.42 and 11:04.53.

Other gold medals were won by Min-Ji Shin (Goyang Hyeonsancho-1m45) in the girls’ 6-year high jump, Kim Tae-eun (Gwangmyeong Cheolsanjoong-4m70) in the girls’ 1-year long jump, Woo Sung-hwan (Uijeongbu Nokyangcho-12m36) in the boys’ 6-year shot put, and Lee Ju-young (Icheon Hyo-yangjoong-1m60) in the boys’ 1-year high jump.


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