Re-signing stalled…Thompson parting ways with Curry?

Klay Thompson is an iconic franchise star who has worn the same uniform for 13 years after being selected by the Golden State Warriors with the 11th pick in the 2011 draft. He has earned the nickname “The Splash Brothers,” especially as he and Steph Curry run the offense from the perimeter. Behind the two franchise stars, Golden State has won four championships.

Thompson’s contract with the Warriors expires after this season. He has been in contract extension talks with the team. However, reports have surfaced that Thompson is having difficulty negotiating a new contract with the team.

“The Warriors and Thompson are discussing a contract extension, but according to my sources, there are significant differences in terms of years and money,” Shams Canary, a reporter for the American sports publication Athletic, told FanDuel on April 24 (KST). “At this point, talks are stalled, and Thompson is looking for better terms than what the Warriors are offering.” He added, “So far, the information I have is that Thompson wants more money and more years.토스카지노

“Based on the information we have, it’s likely that Thompson will become a free agent in the summer. The Warriors want to be good to him, but they’re going to see how this season plays out. Thompson will go into the game with the pressure on him to prove his worth.”

“The Warriors have always been in contract negotiations with Thompson and Curry, especially last year with Draymond Green, who was not re-signed, but when he played well, the team eventually gave him the treatment he deserved,” Canary added, predicting that the tug-of-war will continue until the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the Warriors will open the 2023-2024 season against the Phoenix Suns at 11 a.m. on Dec. 25.


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