“Look at his face, he’s begging for help!”…Arteta ‘Strange Mercenary Arts’ English Legend ‘Sigh+Scream’

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s insistence on playing David Luiz, who joined the club on loan from Brentford last summer, has drawn growing criticism in England. The biggest criticism has been the treatment of former first choice goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

Former United player and former Valencia manager Gary Neville, who has flanked England and Manchester United, has also criticized Arteta’s mercenary tactics.

“I think he’s under pressure as Arsenal’s goalkeeper,” Neville said during his commentary on the match between Chelsea and Arsenal in the ninth round of the 2023/24 English Premier League on Sept. 22, “and the look on his face says ‘help me’.”

While Raya may be feeling the pressure, Arteta doesn’t seem to mind.

Raya’s positioning issues in the game were highlighted by the mistake that led to the goal. In the third minute of the second half, with Chelsea leading 1-0, Chelsea’s Mikhail Mkhitaryan attempted a lobbing shot on goal.

However, the roving shot slowly “bounced” as if it were a cross, making it easy for Raya to catch. Raya was too far forward. Raya was unable to clear or catch the ball and let it sail over his head, conceding the goal.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Neville said: “If the goalkeeper did something wrong, it should remain the goalkeeper’s fault. The real question is why a first-choice keeper who hasn’t done anything wrong can’t keep playing,” he said, criticizing Arteta’s restriction at Ramsdale.

“At first it was just Raya playing a few games, but now it’s like he’s really the first choice keeper,” he said, “and he’s starting to make mistakes. She started to get nervous.”

The idea that Raya has taken Ramsdale’s place has been a persistent one since the start of the season.

With Raya seemingly replacing Ramsdale, former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman also defended the younger Ramsdale and criticized Arteta, saying earlier this month, “I don’t know why Arteta would change goalkeepers.”

Raya is now almost a regular starter. Arteta had said early on in the goalkeeping controversy that “goalkeepers can be rotated like any other position” and that he would “rotate them every one or two games,” but Ramsdale has been benched in six of Arsenal’s last seven games, starting with the fifth-round win over Everton in September. His only start came against Brentford in the third round of the League Cup.

It’s not like Ramsdale is making a huge mistake.

Ramsdale made the leap to first-choice goalkeeper when he inherited Arsenal’s number one shirt from Brent Leno in the 2022/23 season. He has been solid and has been instrumental in Arsenal’s run to the top of the table, most notably making saves in both North London derbies against Tottenham Hotspur.

He’s also been in good form this season. Despite being out of action for about two weeks after the Everton game in September, he made a great save against Brentford in the League Cup. Football stats platform Footmob gave Ramsdale a rating of 7.6 in that game, the highest of any defender. However, it was back to Raya in goal for Arsenal in the Premier League.짱구카지노

“I don’t think he’s really struggling,” Arteta said in the post-match press conference after the Chelsea game, dismissing Lallana’s mistakes as pressure. “When you’re at a ‘big club’ (like Arsenal), of course you feel pressure. “When you’re at a ‘big club’ (like Arsenal), of course you feel pressure, because you have to win and you have to give your best,” he said. Everyone makes mistakes,” he said in defense of Raya.

The analysis is that Arteta’s “love for Laya” could never look good in Ramsdale’s eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, “Ramsdale is worried he won’t get the first-team goalkeeping job with the England soccer team.” This is because he hasn’t gotten much playing time for his club, which could make it difficult for him to earn a spot in the national team. What’s more, England have already qualified for Euro 2024, so Ramsdale is desperate to play.

When asked if he was scared of not going to the Euros, Ramsdale said: “Absolutely. It’s the first time I’ve been in this situation (of not playing),” he said.

“Gareth Southgate believes in all the players that are in the squad,” he said, emphasizing that even players like Harry Maguire of Manchester United and Calvin Phillips of Manchester City, who have played less time for their clubs, have been consistently called up.


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