The ‘setter trio’ of Yeom Hye-sun at the center, Ahn Yerim with the shield, and Kim Chae-na as the firehose led the way to victory.

A veteran setter anchors the center, and a long-haired prospect puts up a wall in the front row. The mediocre backup setter was transformed into a firefighter. It was a neat “setter trio.

Jung Kwan-jang’s Dodram 2023-2024 V-League roster features three setters. They are Yeom Hye-sun, Ahn Yerim, and Kim Chae-na. Of the three, Yeom Hye-sun is by far the main setter for Jung Kwan-jang. She has a relative advantage over the other two players, both professionally and personally.

However, she can”t be the only one on the court throughout the season. Ahn Yerim and Kim Chae-na must also fulfill their roles to make it through the long season. In the first-round match against IBK on Sunday, the three players fulfilled their roles neatly, raising expectations for the season.

As expected, the starting setter was Yeom Hye-sun. Her early game operations were clean. With Giovanna Milana (registered name Gia) and Megawatti Puttiwi (registered name Mega) in fine form, she utilized the center options of Jung Ho-young and Park Eun-jin, as well as the quick openings of Park Hye-min, to create an even scoring distribution (Gia 6 points, Jung Ho-young 5 points, Park Eun-jin 4 points, Mega and Park Hye-min 3 points each).

However, at 16-10, with the game well underway, coach Ko Hee-jin pulled Yeom Hye-sun and inserted Ahn Yerim, a change that was meant to focus on the front three positions rather than the one-point blocker. Ahn Yerim, who immediately teamed up with Jung Ho-young in a fast-paced offense, looked more confident and calm than she did at Korea Expressway Corporation. At 18-11, she teamed up with Park Eun-jin for a solid side block to block a quick opener from Brittany Abercrombie (registered name Abercrombie).

Ahn extended the lead to nine points at 22-14 with a mobile attacking partnership with Park Eun-jin before passing the baton back to Yeom Hye-sun, who closed out the first set in style. The switch between the two setters was the only change Ko made in the first set. Both players continued to perform well in their respective positions in the second set. Yeom Hye-sun made a neat deflected pass to Mega after Jia’s pipe was blocked at 10-5, while Ahn Yerim floated a neat backpass to Mega at 19-11.

Kim Chae-na, meanwhile, came into her own in the third set. After a dominant performance in the second set to secure a shutout victory, the South Korean hit a snag in the third. The set began with five consecutive points, and she quickly faltered. Ko then pulled Yeom Hye-sun and put Kim Chae-na on the court.

Kim Chae-na lived up to Ko’s expectations. Starting with a neat center back-attack pass to Mega at 3-7, Kim Chae-na showed signs of awakening at 5-8 with a well-timed quick open pass to Giovanna Milana (registered name Zia). She kept her composure during the subsequent defense and counterattack to tie the match, and then emerged as the surprise star of the third set with a perfectly executed long-range quick-open pass to Jia at 15-14.메이저사이트

Coach Ko didn’t pull Kim Chae-na, who was in a good flow, but trusted her to see the game through to the end, and under her tutelage, Jia stayed focused to complete the 3-0 (25-15, 25-15, 25-23) set win. It was a shutout victory with all three setters fulfilling their roles in their respective positions.

In the post-match interview, Coach Ko said, “Yeom Hye-sun is our main setter. However, we prepared a lot with the coaching staff during the offseason on how to handle the situation when she is shaky. We will continue to use the current system. Ahn Yerim will play mostly in positions where she can utilize her height, and Kim Chae-na will step in when Yeom Hye-sun is shaky,” he said, adding that the three-setter system will continue to be organic. If the three setters are able to support each other throughout the season, there is a good chance that Jung Kwan-jang will be able to shake off last season’s disappointment.


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