Im Jae-hyun tells how he was ‘dazed’ when the national anthem was played

After winning three gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the 20-year-old athlete has emerged as the new star of Korean archery, and he shares some of his favorite memories.

For Im, the best moment of Hangzhou was the final set of the team final.

With Ansan right in front and down to eight points,

[LIM Im Hyun/ National Archery Team: I was really, really nervous and almost lost my mind].

He said the most exhilarating part was putting the last shot into the 10-point bullseye to beat China.

[LIM Tae-hyun/Archery National Team: I think I was just thinking that I had to do it].

In the semifinals of the individual competition, when the Chinese athlete made his last shot, he prayed to himself,

[“Please don’t let the match end here. I prayed and waited, but the Chinese athlete shot a 9.]

In the end, it was a shoot-off, and I won.

The 20-year-old, who defeated three-time Olympic champion An San in the individual final, said,

[LIM Jae-hyun / National Archery Team: I was happy, wow, I didn’t lose once, I was really happy].

After being eliminated from the original trials, the Asian Games were postponed for a year, and he was able to qualify for the Games by placing first in the rescheduled trials.메이저사이트

At the awards ceremony, I laughed that this had happened because I couldn’t believe that I had won three medals from a miraculous chance.

[Im Jae-hyun/Archery National Team: When the national anthem is played, you have to salute, right? I was dazed and didn’t get to salute, so I did a half-hearted salute].

After winning three gold medals, each of which came with a different ceremony, Lim promised not to rest on his laurels.


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