Record-breaking buyout clause ‘on the table’ until 2030…Barca scrambles for middle school ‘prodigy’ shooter

Spanish giants FC Barcelona are pursuing a record-breaking deal to secure a top-flight teenage prospect.

One of Barcelona’s “favorite” targets is 16-year-old supernova striker Ramin Yamal. On Feb. 2 (ET), Spanish media outlet Sport reported that “Barcelona will sign Yamal, who came up through the ranks of the club’s lower divisions, to a new contract in the next three days.

In the deal, Barcelona will sign a three-year contract until June 2026, with a buyout clause of 1 billion euros (about 1.43 trillion won). This means that the club will not let Yamal go to another team. Barcelona’s “possessive” attitude towards Yamal doesn’t stop there. The player, who was born on July 13, 2007, is underage and cannot be signed for more than three seasons under the rules, so the deal is for three years. Barcelona, wanting to lock him in for the long haul to prevent him from leaving in the future, reportedly agreed through his agent to extend his contract until June 2030. The player has already committed to a deal that will automatically extend to 2030 when he reaches the age of majority in three years’ time.

There are good reasons for Barcelona’s obsession with Yamal. As far as recent ‘youngsters’ go, he’s one of the best. Growing up in Barcelona’s lower youth teams since the age of six, he’s become a quintessential Barcelona franchise. And he’s breaking all kinds of records. In April, he became the youngest player in Barcelona’s history (15 years and 292 days) to make his first-team debut.바카라

On August 21, he became the youngest player to start a Primera Liga game in the 21st century when he made his debut against Cadiz in the second round of the Primera Liga.

Not only in the league, but also with the Spanish A team, where he became the youngest player in Spanish soccer history to make an A-match appearance and the youngest player to score an A-match goal at the tender age of 16, making him one of Spain’s “heroes of the future.

This season, Yamal has made nine official appearances in the Champions League (CL), including two assists.


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