‘Perfect course and gallery bonanza’…Chuseok worries were big, but the opening of Daebo Housedee became even more special

“It’s fun to visit my nostalgic hometown, but I think this Chuseok will stay in my memory for a long time because I was able to intuit the golf tournament.”

Seowon Valley Country Club in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, hosted the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour’s Daebo Howdy Open for three days starting Sept. 29.

With the tournament taking place during the Chuseok holiday, the organizers didn’t expect much of a gallery. But they were wrong. The tournament was packed with family, friends, and alumni, and the gallery, dressed in hanbok (Korean traditional dress), was not disappointed. It was a true autumn golf feast.

On Chuseok Day, 2,472 people attended the first round, and 4,382 people attended the second round, where the finalists were determined. Of the 6,854 people who visited the tournament over the two days, the organizers said there were many who paid for tickets on the day.

Mr. A, who said he was visiting his hometown of Paju while working in Daejeon Metropolitan City, drove to Seowon Valley Country Club near his home on the 29th, the day of Chuseok.

“Due to my work situation, I couldn’t dream of attending a golf tournament. I had a great time cheering for my favorite players with my hometown friends, and I was able to enjoy the autumn golf course. I will definitely come back next year for Chuseok,” he smiled.

Seowon Valley Country Club’s impeccable course management also drew attention.

Since the end of the rainy season in July, the club has invested manpower and budget with the tournament in mind, resulting in denser grass and the fastest and most perfect greens on the KLPGA Tour this season.

The course also reflects its pride in hosting the BMW Ladies Championship on the U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour in October. The LPGA Tour will be held at the Seowon Hills Course at Seowon Valley Country Club.

The Daebo Howdy Open was held in June last year. This year, organizer Daebo Group moved the event to the week of the Chuseok holiday. Rather than focusing on gallery numbers as a measure of the tournament’s success, the focus was on the players’ best shots in the best grass conditions.메이저사이트

“June is the season when the grass is growing,” said Lee Seok-ho of Seowon Valley Country Club. It’s not easy to maintain the fairways, rough, and greens. We also had to consider that it is the rainy season,” said Lee Seok-ho, CEO of Seowon Valley Country Club. “We are confident that it is a perfect course with clear rewards and punishments. The green speed has also been maintained at around 3.6 to 3.7 to improve discrimination.”

Daehee Cho, Head of Public Relations at Daebo Group, said, “It was not an easy decision to hold the tournament during the Chuseok holiday week. We were worried about galleries, but we also felt sorry for the players who couldn’t visit their hometowns.” “Fortunately, the tournament is going well for everyone. We’re expecting more galleries for the final round, so we’ve added more parking lots in a hurry.”

The final round of the contest on October 1 featured generous gallery prizes. Raffle prizes included Seragem medical devices, massage chairs, robotic vacuum cleaners, luxury watches, and more.

Meanwhile, “mom golfer” Park Joo-young took the lead on the day. With a 5-under-par 139, she held a two-stroke lead over second-place Kim Jae-hee (3-under 141).


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