‘At the end of the day, I lost all my Olympic qualifiers’ Césarjo says AG medal possible

It seemed to be better than before. But they couldn’t turn it around. The South Korean women’s volleyball team, led by head coach Cesar Hernández González, finished last in Group C of the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers with an undefeated record.

The 36th-ranked Koreans had a relatively strong start to the tournament in Łódź, Poland. They dropped their first match to Italy with a set score of 0-3, but bounced back to take a set from the home team Poland in the second match. They played well against Germany in the third match, but fell short in a close full-set match, and lost 1-3 against the United States in the fourth match. After performing well against world-class European teams and the top-ranked USA, the team seemed to have found their confidence.

However, they continued to struggle against teams that they considered to be viable opponents. They dropped a heartbreaking Game 5 against Colombia, 2-3, and were shut out in Game 6 against Thailand. Finally, in the seventh and final game, they struggled against Slovenia and went down 0-3. They ended up with just two points and missed out on qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

In particular, the team was once again helpless against Thailand, darkening their prospects for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. Thailand, ranked 13th in the world, were swept aside. It was their fifth straight 0-3 loss to Thailand, who are expected to contend for a medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. They were outplayed on offense and defense, and their team organization was poor.레고토토

South Korea, which dropped to 40th in the world rankings, traveled to Hangzhou, China. The team will be looking to bounce back from the disappointment of not qualifying for the Olympic Games. First, they will face Vietnam and Nepal in Group C. They will face Vietnam on October 1 and Nepal on October 2. There’s no room for error. They lost to Vietnam 2-3 in straight sets at the 2023 Asian Championship in August. They won the first and second sets but lost in straight sets. We need a good wash.

There are many mountains to climb. They need to beat Vietnam in the group stage, as well as Thailand and Kazakhstan, two teams they failed to beat at the Asian Championships, to reach the medal round. They will also need to prepare for home teams China and Japan, who are ranked in the top 10 in the world. It will be interesting to see if Cesar can redeem himself by winning a medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.


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