163cm duo Kim Ji-chan and Kim Sung-yoon work in Hangzhou

Small but mighty. Kim Sung-yoon (25) and Kim Ji-chan (22-over Samsung Lions), the youngest duo in professional baseball, promise to make a splash.

The national baseball team selected outfielder Kim Sung-yoon to replace Lee Jung-hoo, who was injured on Nov. 21. Kim’s selection was unexpected. There were stiff competition from Kim Hyun-joon (Samsung), Kim Min-seok, and Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte Giants).

However, Ryu chose Kim because he had the best batting average. This was because he was hitting the best at the moment. In the first half of the season, Kim was mostly a substitute, batting just .217. But in the second half of the season, when he started, he hit .354.

“There is no particular reason for my improvement. I prepared sincerely every day. As I played more games, I felt more relaxed, so I think I improved in the second half.” “Actually, I didn’t have any expectations for the national team. I tried to prepare well. I had mixed feelings. I’m excited, I’m looking forward to it, and I’m under pressure.”

Kim turned heads when he joined Samsung out of Pohang Steel in 2017. He set a record for the shortest player (1.63 meters), beating out Kim Sun-bin (1.65 meters). Despite his lack of size, Samsung drafted the left-hander in the fourth round for his quick feet and athleticism.

Three years later, Kim almost lost the title of shortest player. Kim Ji-chan, an infielder who graduated from Raongo, was drafted. Kim’s official height is 1.63 meters. In reality, Kim Ji-chan is slightly shorter, but their registered profiles show the same height, making them the shortest players together.

Kim Ji-chan was the first to be named to the national team. Ryu, an infielder, selected Kim as a utility player who can play second base and shortstop. He was joined by Kim Sung-yoon, and the two will work side by side to earn their first Taegeuk. “I don’t do rituals, but I do get a lot of greetings when I get on the national team bus,” laughed Kim, who is the most senior player on the 24-and-under squad.

Kim Ji-chan said, “I’m glad I’m not sick. I want to have a good result,” he said, adding, “Captain (Kim) Hye-sung takes care of me a lot. It’s good to have the same teammates, and it’s not hard to adapt. I just want to do well.”

With four outfielders, but three left-handed hitters, Kim will bat behind Choi Won-jun (KIA Tigers) and Choi Ji-hoon (SSG Landers). Kim Ji-chan is also likely to be a regular substitute, with Park Sung-ho (SSG) and Kim Hye-sung (Kiwoom Heroes) likely to play shortstop and second base.메이저사이트

However, both players have weapons that could help them stand out in the short game. Kim has quick feet. He has 19 stolen bases this season, with an 82.6% success rate. He also has strong shoulders and a wide range of defense, so he can be used in the outfield. Kim Ji-chan is no slouch when it comes to speed either. In just four seasons, he already has 82 career stolen bases. His batting average is one of the best in the KBO.

“I think (the manager) wants me to execute and swing the bat. I’ll try to study well. I’ll try to understand the characteristics of Taiwanese and Japanese players and reward them with good results.” Kim Ji-chan said, “In defense, I’m only practicing at second base, but I’m also thinking about playing multiple positions. I plan to watch opponent videos and prepare well to play on the field.”


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