From ability to outspokenness, Sangnam director Kim Seung-ki

A rare character in Korea. That’s what many people say about Goyang Sono Skygunners head coach Kim Seung-ki (51‧182cm). While there may be some negative connotations, it seems like there are more good ones. It goes without saying that he is a proven leader. He is one of the best masters in Korea.

On top of that, he’s known as one of the nicest guys in the game, satisfying fans and the media alike. In addition to his ability to explain things simply and clearly, he is a person who says what he needs to say without being conscious of his surroundings. In the process, he adds unique metaphors and humorous expressions that fit the situation, making it easy for listeners to understand and not feel overwhelmed.

In the NBA, it’s not uncommon to see retired basketball players making waves with their quips. It can range from rants, behind-the-scenes stories, and even evaluations of former players, all while building bridges with current players, coaches, and fans. So why don’t we see more of that in the KBL?

Most of the basketball players mention the aftermath of a joke, which is a big deal, because words are swords, and you have to be careful with them. This is because even if you don’t use the strong words of overseas basketball players (and few people in Korea are used to it, or can do it even if they wanted to), the words you say without thinking can come back to haunt you like a boomerang.

Mr. K, who retired after more than a decade as a starter for a team, says, “In the NBA, there is a lot of lining up of positions and evaluation of former players. There is a constant flow of opinions from various people, which makes it interesting. It’s not easy in Korea. There is a relationship between seniors and juniors, so if you evaluate your senior improperly, you become a spoiled person, and even if the junior did better, it is difficult to put them on top. There are also ego battles between universities, so it’s difficult to put a legend from a rival school in front of your immediate senior. The bottom line is that you can’t be too honest.”

“I’m also afraid of the fans’ reaction. If you evaluate someone, who is evaluating who, and you’ll be criticized for not being as good as you were when you were a player. That’s why I can’t help but write a model answer based on praise when evaluating someone. In this day and age, there are so many social networks and communities. If only five people get together and push a person with a consistent opinion, they can bury what they say right away,” he said, explaining why he can’t be honest.

Mo, a basketball player who has been coaching for a long time after being a good player, also said, “I was always conscious of other people’s opinions, but it got worse as I became a professional coach. When I wasn’t getting good grades, my heart would race when I read a bad article. On top of that, at the time, there were comments on sports articles, so the fans’ criticisms came straight to me. Every day was a struggle, and it was a lot of pressure to coach, and it’s still quite traumatizing to this day.”

In fact, he kept himself as low-key as possible during the interview, and even afterward, he repeatedly asked for certain things to be edited out, including asking for the slightest mention of others (there was nothing to edit out). The focus of everything seemed to be centered on not wanting to hear anything bad.

Kim is different. As mentioned earlier, he is a rare type of basketball player in Korea who says what he needs to say and says it when he loses. He is also popular among reporters because he has a lot of sense and wit. This is because he is constantly making news. His outspokenness really came into its own when he moved from Anyang to Goyang.바카라

When asked how he felt about his first match against Anyang, he joked, “I was fired, so what can I say?” and after the game, he said, “(My former club) didn’t even give me the usual red ginseng drink, and I felt like a beggar.” Despite the difference in power, Goyang and Anyang have created a rivalry-like atmosphere in their matches.

Kim also has his own beliefs. He once said, “If coaches are more over-the-top and create issues, the fans will be more interested and the popularity of basketball will increase, and it doesn’t matter if they get criticized.” He said, “It doesn’t matter if you get sworn at, it’s just that you need to intentionally create an issue that doesn’t cross the line unless it’s a bad issue.

Recently, he bit the DB and sagged(?). This is due to the re-signing of Dedrick Lawson (25‧201cm). As if to reflect this, he said, “I wanted to re-sign Lawson, but when I was distracted by this and that, I hit a player at DB. I’m not in a position to complain, so I’ll show my skills. I will definitely win the first game of the season against DB.” Now, there’s one more matchup to keep an eye on between Sono and DB.

Fans are intrigued by the prospect. Despite Kim’s curious words, there is no hard feelings towards Lawson and the DB team. It’s just that he’s willing to show that he has some regrets, but he’s willing to show them with his performance. He is also trying to make the fans more entertained. Sangnamja coach Kim Seung-ki’s next season looks to be a hot one.


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