‘We’ve crossed the line’ PSG’s shock offer to Real: “Give us five players for Mbappe”

Is it a deal or a game-changer? Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have reportedly offered Real Madrid ‘over the line’ terms for Kylian Mbappe. The terms are impossible for Real to accept. Mbappe’s move to Real next January is likely to fall through.

“PSG want five players from Real in exchange for Mbappe,” British outlet Sportsmail reported on Thursday (ET). This is a shocking offer. Especially since PSG’s list of players includes key players who are designated as ‘non-tradeable’. This raises the suspicion that PSG is actually trying to scuttle the Mbappe deal by giving Real ‘unacceptable terms’.온라인바카라

Mbappe has always considered Real his “dream club” and has always wanted to move, which is why he did not agree to PSG’s offer of a new contract. He will be a free agent next summer, so he can go to Real unconditionally. Mbappe’s high price tag makes it difficult for Real to sign him on a free transfer. For now, Real are looking forward to next summer.

But for PSG, losing Mbappe to Real next summer would be a huge loss. They won’t get a penny of the transfer fee. PSG’s best bet is to re-sign Mbappe, but they can’t force him to do so because he refuses to do so.

In the end, PSG will have the opportunity to let Mbappe go in the January transfer window next year while collecting one last transfer fee. If they can’t convince Mbappe to stay, they might as well sell at a profit.

However, PSG may be taking this opportunity too far. The terms PSG will offer Real in the January transfer window have been revealed in Spanish media, and they’re hard for Real to accept. They will demand a whopping five players.

Spanish media outlet Sport reported that “PSG will want a whopping five players on the table in the January transfer window,” with Brazilian attacking duo Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo and midfield trio Federico Valverde, Aurelien Chouameni and Eduardo Camabinga on the list.

The problem is that these are all key players for Real, and some of them have been designated as ‘unsaleable’. Vinicius is one of those players that Real have labeled as unsaleable at all costs. Also, with the current age of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, they can’t afford to let go of all three of their next-generation midfielders. While it’s true that some sacrifices will have to be made to secure Mbappe’s signature, PSG’s ‘five-player package’ is not something Real can accept at this point. As a result, it’s unlikely that Mbappe will still be at Real next January. Until PSG lower their sights.


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