“This year, a perfect score” Moon Dong-joo “I want a gold medal”

Two outs away from the winning pitcher requirement.

However, as his pitch count exceeded 100, Moon had to leave the mound, and that was the end of his regular season appearance.

It was the most regrettable game of the season, even though it had been planned from the beginning of the season to prepare for the Asian Games and prevent injuries.

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanwha]
“It was my last game, so I had a lot of desire to win, but I think I should have taken charge until the fifth inning.”

First professional win in his last appearance last year.

This year, in his second year, he’s been steady from the start.

Eight wins and a 3.72 ERA this season while pitching the second-most innings on the team with no injuries.

He also has the fastest fastball of any Korean player in history at 160 kilometers per hour.

[Moon Dong-ju/Hanwha]
“(This year) I want to give a perfect score, and since I’m not injured, I don’t have any greed for the highest velocity (next year), but I want to raise my average velocity by 1 to 2 km/h.”

On competing for Rookie of the Year with KIA’s Yoon Young-chul.

I’m not greedy, but I have expectations.

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanwha].
“It’s not like I can throw more (this season), so I hope a lot of competitors will come out and compete with me (for Rookie of the Year). I’ll be grateful if I get it.”

For now, he’s only thinking about the Asian Games.

Moon Dong-ju, who is currently working out for Hanwha’s second team, was confident of a fourth consecutive gold medal for Korean baseball.안전놀이터

[Moon Dong-joo/Hanwha]
“If I have the mindset not to lose, I think there will be good results, and this is a position I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid, and I want gold so badly… I think there’s no reason why not, and I’ll do my best and come down with no regrets.”

I’m Kim Soo-geun for MBC News.


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