Women’s World Cup ‘kissing incident’ spreads like wildfire

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The “forced kiss” incident at the recent Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup ceremony. It has been going on for more than ten days now, with the parties fighting over the truth.

In today’s Newsmaker, we take a look at the so-called “kissgate” incident, which has sparked controversy beyond Spain.

The Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, Australia, was a game that will go down in Spanish soccer history.

They defeated England 1-0 and lifted the World Cup trophy for the first time in Spanish women’s soccer history.

But that glorious moment quickly turned into one of the worst.

Before Spain had a chance to bask in the glory, the country was plunged into chaos, thanks to the actions of the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Rubiales.

Mr. Rubiales approached the player after the win.

As if to congratulate him, he suddenly planted a surprise kiss on the national team player.

The podium turned to ice.

Spanish professional soccer players have since publicly criticized Rubiales and called for his resignation.

But that was just the beginning of the controversy.

Calls for the president of the Spanish soccer federation to resign over the surprise kiss were swirling, but Rubiales insisted that the kiss was consensual and that Hermoso was lying, even threatening legal action.

Hermoso countered that she never consented to the kiss and felt like a victim of violence.

As the case continued to spiral into a battle of truths between the parties, another video surfaced, this time showing the Spanish national team after the ceremony.

The footage shows Hermoso joking and enjoying himself on the bus after receiving a surprise kiss from president Rubi Alles.

Fans who watched the video were left even more confused, as Hermoso appears to be in a somewhat different mood than what was previously known.

Only the parties involved will know exactly what happened.

However, the “forced kiss” incident has sparked an outcry against “macho culture” in Spain, with the UN Human Rights Committee emphasizing that “we all have a responsibility to tackle the sexual harassment faced by women in sport.안전놀이터

Sports, with its core value of “fairness,” should not tolerate human rights violations of any kind.

It will be interesting to see if the sports world can use this controversy as an opportunity to play fairer and more humane.

So far, it’s been a ‘newsmaker’.


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