Shanghai, China wanted Kim Young-kwon, the best K-League star

With the goal of returning to the finals of the Asian club competition, the Chinese team aimed for Korean pro soccer number one centerback Kim Young-kwon (33, Ulsan Hyundai), but later stories came out that the goal was not achieved.

In a review of the 2023 Football Super League (1st division) intermediate transfer market posted as its own sports content, the Chinese portal site ‘Sohu’ said, “Shanghai Haigang wanted to recruit Kim Young-kwon for a transfer fee of 3 million dollars (approximately 4 billion won).” said.

This summer, the transfer window was until July 20th in Korea and July 31st in China. Shanghai aimed to pass the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League qualifiers after four years of gradual recovery after the end of the Corona 19 pandemic.

If Ulsan Hyundai received 3 million dollars, it is the second largest player transfer fee in the history of the club. According to the data of the Korea Professional Football Federation, Kim Young-kwon has played more than 22 games and is ranked first in the 2023 K League 1 rating.

It means that he is the best in Korean professional football this season even if he expands his range to all positions, not just the central defender. With his K-League 1 debut, he is showing an activity that surpasses last year when he was selected as the best 11.

Shanghai failed to qualify for the finals on August 22 after losing to Pathum United (Thailand) in the 2023-24 AFC Champions League qualifying playoff home game. The offense with two goals was not bad, but the defense collapsed with three runs.메이저사이트

▲ Semifinals in 2017 ▲ Quarterfinals in 2016/2019 ▲ Round of 16 in 2018/2020 The dream of regaining glory in the Asian Champions League has been shattered. It is a result that Shanghai will regret not being able to recruit Kim Young-kwon, the best center back in Korean professional football.

Kim Young-kwon is ▲ 2013-2016 Chinese Super League Best 11 ▲ 2015 East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship Best Defender ▲ 2015 Asian Champions League Dream Team ▲ 2020 Japan J1 League Fan Voted Team of the Year.

As a national team member, he has supported the Korean national team’s good performance since the 2010s, including ▲2012 London Olympics bronze medal ▲2015 AFC Asian Cup runner-up ▲2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 16th place.


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