6G 4Homer, 17 RBI, 4 walks…Futures Bomber, 1st team 7 pounds, 1 ounce of sumo wash.

KIA Tigers outfielder Seok-hwan Kim is taking the Futures League by storm.

Seok-hwan Kim has been a highly touted left-handed hitting prospect for two years now, but he was pushed out of the first team competition last year and again this year. He’s been quietly working on his bat with the Futures team. When he didn’t get a call-up, he didn’t let it get him down, and after an uptick in July, he’s been hitting like a volcano in August.

In particular, the last six games until the 27th have been bombastic. It started with the Hampyeong game against Goyang on the 18th. With runners on first and second in the first inning, he hit a two-run double down the right field line to score the game-winning run, and in the third inning, he hit a three-run homer for a three-run lead. The next day, he had two hits and a home run, including the game-winner.

Against Goyang on the 20th, he went 6-for-6 with three home runs and four RBIs. He took four days off and reignited his bat. On the 25th, he took a breather with a 1-for-3 performance in Hampyeong NC, and on the 26th, he hit a solo home run in the second inning. On Sunday, with the score tied at 4-4 in the bottom of the fifth inning, he launched a 120-meter towering shot with runners on first and second to extend his winning streak to seven games.

In six games, he is 11-for-24 with four doubles, four home runs and 17 RBIs. Showed his clutch instincts with four game-winning hits in six games. In August, the center fielder is batting 3-for-7 with four home runs and 25 RBIs. He made a strong case for the first team in the Futures League. This is enough to talk about a promotion to the first team.

However, it’s not easy to make room in the current first-team outfield. Outfielders Lee Woo-sung, Lee Chang-jin, and Choi Won-jun have been hitting and fielding well lately. There are also first basemen Byun Woo-hyuk and Oh Sun-woo. The only other position the team needs is catcher. The team needs a catcher to relieve the backstop duo of Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-soo. My

You can count on the expanded roster to add five players starting on September 1. Due to the injury issues of Sanchez and Lee, the starting mound will be limited, so there will be a lot of pitchers, but there is also the possibility of adding a bat. Of course, Kim Seok-hwan could be a candidate for promotion. However, he’s in the middle of the pecking order, so even if he does make it to the first team, he won’t get many chances.메이저놀이터

He has only played 12 days in the first team this year. It was four days from the opening game, and he briefly came up on May 30 and stayed for eight days. In 16 at-bats in four games as a backup, he went 1-for-14 with a walk and two RBIs. Taul was 7-for-1. This lack of a solid first-team performance, coupled with the improvement of other players, has left him with few opportunities, but it will be interesting to see how his fall unfolds.


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