Japanese media mocks Klinsmann for eliminating roster announcement press conference “What’s your real job?”

Japanese media are criticizing Jürgen Klinsmann for eliminating the A-match roster announcement press conference.

On the 26th, Japanese sports daily Nikkan Sports published an article titled ‘Korean media criticizes Klinsmann for eliminating roster announcement press conferences. What is your main job?”, the article stated, “The voices of criticism against Klinsmann have not stopped. The Korean Football Association has officially announced that it will not conduct interviews with the coach.

‘Since the popularization of soccer in 2000, it is extremely rare for a coach to hold a press conference to announce a roster. The KFA seems to have accepted Klinsmann’s wishes.

Recently, Korean soccer fans have been angry. This was due to the controversy over coach Klinsmann’s foreign travels. Since the June A match, Klinsmann has not been in Korea to watch the K League, but has been abroad to fulfill his personal schedule. There was no apology. In a video interview with local media organized by the association to defuse the controversy, Klinsmann gave an unconvincing excuse. “It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that I don’t live in Korea,” Klinsmann said. Regardless of where you are physically, I think the way you communicate and observe players is different now than it used to be. We have the option of traveling to the games, but even if we don’t, we’re still in constant contact with our coaching staff in each country and checking in on them,” he said.

“Maybe it’s a stereotype. But I wouldn’t call it a stereotype, I would call it a misunderstanding or a lack of understanding that comes from the fact that I do things differently,” he said, adding, “I don’t blame anyone for asking questions, wondering, thinking negatively, ‘Why isn’t Klinsmann here, why isn’t he coming to watch this game?’ You can ask those questions,” he added.

“I’m a very active person. I’m going to be more active than you think, on the field or anywhere, in my role as head coach of the Korean national soccer team. In the second half of the year, we will continue to play matches in Korea, so naturally I will spend more time working in Korea.”

“I watch as many K League games as I can, and I also watch Chaduri and Michael Kim. I also watched Stringara and Köpke,” he dismissed. “This week (as of August 17, when the interview was conducted), Head Coach Hairchoke will be watching the K-League. He also watched not only the K League but also the U League and Osan High School in the high school league. We’re also watching the age-group national teams to get a better understanding of Korean soccer, and we’re trying to figure out who to put in the national team pool.”

This explanation didn’t change public opinion. Klinsmann’s “stay in Korea” was a promise he couldn’t keep. Above all, National Strength and Conditioning Committee Chairman Michael Mueller, who is supposed to organize traffic in practice, is not present. It was a good thing he didn’t have to answer the ‘alumni questionnaire’.메이저사이트

Japanese media also emphasized the anger of Korean soccer fans. “Nikkan Sports” sarcastically introduced the accusations with the headlines, “Klinsmann was paid to evaluate Lionel Messi and Harry Kane in the United States, so why didn’t the Korean team announce it directly?” and “What is Klinsmann’s real job? He also said, “There is a problem that the Korean Football Association cannot refuse Klinsmann’s request.


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