‘No. 1 in April to No. 10 in July,’ says director. Can Lotte recapture its April glory?

1 in April. 10th in July. But there is still hope. Can the Lotte Giants find their April momentum again?

Lotte has had a roller coaster season. At the beginning of the season, they were all the way up to first place, but then they slowed down and fell to seventh place. The 5% winning percentage that they were trying to hold on to has also been shattered since the start of the second half. As of the 23rd, Lotte’s season record was 50 wins and 45 losses. That’s a -4 record.

When asked what it would take for Lotte to regain the form they had in April, manager Larry Sutton said, “The lineup is different now than it was then,” adding, “We had a good team batting order with the top two hitters getting on base and then the third and fourth hitters getting on base and scoring runs. Now it’s a little bit different, we have some guys who are good at getting on base and some guys who are good at hitting in scoring position, but it’s different because the flow of the lineup is different,” he explained.

Still, he emphasized that the team will need to be more persistent and focused if they are to recapture their April form. “For the next 40 games, team batting is going to be even more important than it is now,” Sutton said. We’ve been emphasizing defensive fundamentals all season, and our bullpen has been doing a great job. But the rest of the team needs to make plays that allow them to keep up even when they are losing.”

Lotte has kept its postseason hopes alive with a flurry of foreign pitchers and batters. They currently sit in seventh place, but are four games out of fourth place and 2.5 games out of fifth place. It’s also a gap that could be overturned at any time if Lotte gets on a winning streak once again. Given the recent improvement of Lotte’s players, especially their offensive focus, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with.메이저사이트

Sutton also held an unusual meeting with the team on the 22nd of this month ahead of the late-season race. “We’ve got 40 games left,” Sutton said. We’ve got 40 games to go and we can still go up. Let’s just take it one game at a time, one game at a time, and try to improve our performance and stay focused with a good balance.”


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