Kyunghee University’s Ma Yun-seo sets the tone with a valuable first win and four blocks

“I want to get better at receiving and help the team.”

Kyung Hee University earned its first win of the tournament with a 3-2 (25-23, 23-25, 16-25, 27-25, 19-17) set victory over Myongji University at the 2023 Korean Airlines Volleyball National University Games Jecheon at the Jecheon Indoor Gymnasium on Monday.

Kyung Hee University got 20 points from middle blocker Cho Jin-seok and 19 from Park Ye-chan. Outside hitter Ma Yun-seo had just nine points, but helped secure the victory with four blocks in key moments.

After the match, Ma Yun-seo was upbeat, saying, “This time, we fought and had fun even when things didn’t go our way, so it feels better when we win.”

Kyung Hee University had suffered shutout losses in their previous two qualifying matches, and the team could have been down on themselves, but they didn’t give up and continued to raise their spirits on the court. “We had already lost two games,” said Ma Yunxi. So there was no place to back down. We decided to encourage each other, win or lose, and have fun even if we didn’t win, so I think the atmosphere was good,” he said.

The last time the teams played in the opening game of the 2023 U-League, Myungji University won. “Their wingers have good offense,” he said, “so they can hit hard and bounce the ball. They have good strength, so we need to defend against bouncing balls. We also practiced attacking with a double connection,” he explained.

“The coach told us that the main course of the apogee strikers is a straight line, so even if the crosses are penetrated, the straights should not be penetrated, so (Lee) Jung-min and I focused on blocking that part,” he continued. “In this match, I was more concerned with the shape of my hands than the height,” Ma Yun-seo explained. This advice helped him save his team with four blocks at crucial moments in the game.

Kyung Hee University is dealing with injuries, big and small. Ma thanked fellow setter Park Jun-seo. He said, “(Park) has a bad knee. But I think she ran hard and covered a lot of the time when she couldn’t catch, so I’m really grateful to her.”

For Kyung Hee University, the remaining two preliminary matches are even more important. “Our offense doesn’t work perfectly when I’m receiving,” said Ma Yun-seo. It would be good to talk with (Park) Jun-seo more and work on it,” he said.메이저사이트

“We have to be lucky, but our goal is to win all the remaining matches and reach the quarterfinals. My role in the team is more defensive than offensive. I want to improve my receiving efficiency and help the team more,” he concluded. Kyung Hee University picked up a valuable first win, and we look forward to seeing what Ma Yun-seo, the center of their offense and defense, will do next.


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