Strong Fastball Pitcher Big Match… Kim Taekyeon, Jeon Mirae Judge Wins

First up was Incheon’s Kim Taek-yeon.

Taking the mound with runners on second and third with one out in the second inning, Kim gave up a run on a wild pitch, but from then on, he was flawless.메이저사이트

With a fastball that topped out at 150km/h and a slider, he retired Gyeongbuk High batters one after another.

In the sixth inning, with runners on first and second with two outs, he showed off his strikeout skills.

Kyungpook National University’s Jeon Mi-Ro, who also doubles as a pitcher, pitched five innings of one-run ball and even managed to get a hit off Kim Taek-Yeon in the eighth inning, but it was Kim who ultimately won the game.

After roaring off the mound with one out after getting his ninth strikeout on his limit pitch count of 105 pitches, Kim watched the ensuing crisis unfold and finally smiled as the game ended in Incheon Go’s favor.

[Kim Taek-yeon/Incheon Go: I think there was such a (good) result because I was more careful (against Jeon Mir), and I think I got a lot of strikeouts at important moments, so I’m satisfied with that part].

With ace Kim Taek-yeon’s performance, Incheon Go defeated Gyeongbuk Go and will try to win the tournament for the first time in 19 years tomorrow.


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