Oh Bum-seok recalls nightmare from 13 years ago…”It was on Messi…If I had stopped it, I would have gone to Real”

Former South Korean soccer player Oh Bum-seok has recalled a nightmare from 13 years ago.

In a video recently released on his YouTube channel, Retired Player Oh Bum-seok recalled facing Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) and Argentina in their prime during the second round of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Oh played right fullback in the match, which ended in a 1-4 loss.메이저사이트

In the video, Oh reads his entry on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. According to the article, Oh Bum-seok was “outplayed” by the likes of Angel Di Maria, Lionel Messi, and Carlos Tevez in the second leg of the 2010 South Africa World Cup Group B match against Argentina at Soccer City Stadium in South Africa in June 2010.

“They (Argentina) were really good,” Oh said, adding, “If Messi dribbles out, I can’t catch him even if I sprint after him.”

“Messi’s dribbling was really unstoppable,” he explained, “and he even winked at Kim Jung-woo, who was marking him.”

“Some people are criticizing Oh Bum-seok for not being able to stop Messi, but that’s half right and half wrong. There are very few defenders in the world who can stop Messi,” Oh defended himself by saying, “If I had stopped Messi, I would have gone straight to Real Madrid after the game.

When asked what he remembers about the World Cup in South Africa, Oh replied, “That I played in the World Cup, and that I got beaten.”

When asked if he felt resentful of the criticism he received for his performance, he replied, “It was resentful. Who cares,” he replied.

Oh’s controversial post-match interview was also revisited. After the match, Oh said, “The Argentine players were really good. I think I had a good experience. They were really the best players,” he said, adding, “We were intimidated in terms of atmosphere and fighting spirit, and we didn’t show what we had.”

Namewiki criticized Oh’s interview as a flippant remark. In response, Oh Bum-seok said, “Why did I say this?” and appeared to blame himself.

He also explained that he had made his Facebook mini-homepage private in response to the criticism he received after the match. “After the game, I saw more than 70,000 abusive posts in my guestbook, and I realized, ‘Oh, this is what happens,'” he said. “After that, I always closed my guestbook or closed my mini-homepage when I went to the game.”

Since retiring, Oh has been working as a commentator and is currently in the public eye as the team captain of the SBS entertainment program “Goal Hitting Girls Season 2.

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