“Munich released Mane because he’s African and top earner” shock claim emerges

Sadio Mane’s agent has made a rather shocking claim.

Mane left Bayern Munich in the summer transfer window. After joining the Bavarians from Liverpool ahead of last season, Mane failed to live up to expectations and came under fire for his teammate Leroy Sane, including assaulting Sane after an argument. With no sign of his performance or standing improving, Al Nasr approached Mane. Mane accepted the offer and became Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate.

After Mane left Munich, his agent made a statement that may come as a bit of a shock. He claimed that Munich didn’t understand that Mane was the highest-paid player on the team despite being from the African country of Senegal, and that’s why he left.

Bacary Cisse, Mane’s PR manager, told the French outlet RMC Sport’s “After foot” program that “the reason Munich sold Mane was not about football. They didn’t understand how an African player joined the club and became the highest paid player in the team, overtaking other players. So they wanted to get rid of him,” he claims.

“Munich didn’t tell Mane that directly, they told him through Thomas Tuchel that he would be the third option in the winger position. The reason why Mane is where he is now is because of Liverpool, not Munich. Munich were ungrateful. Mane was professional until the end, but the hierarchy at Munich made an unfair judgment.”메이저사이트

Cisse said Munich took advantage of Mane. “Munich initially leaked to the press that they were going to sell Mane for €20 million. But they raised the price to €30 million ($43.2 billion) when Mane returned to training and showed good form. Mane didn’t want the money. From his first meeting with Munich, Mane promised to join the club without talking about salary. It was his agent who negotiated his salary.”


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