Rika Tanimura, a former Japanese international, is a familiar face at Shinhan Bank

There were unfamiliar faces among familiar faces.

Incheon Shinhan Bank lost 93-58 in an exhibition game against the W-League’s Denso Iris at the Blue Campus in Yongin on April 4. While Kim Sonia led the way with 23 points and three rebounds, there was also an unfamiliar face who had 17 points, four rebounds, and two assists. That would be Japanese international Rika Tanimura (184 cm, F).

Rika played for Hitachi and Chanson in the Japanese W-League and was selected to the Japan Women’s National Basketball Team in 2019 and 2022. In the 2023-2024 season, she will play for Kingfishers U.S.C. Freiburg in the German Bundesliga. Before heading to Germany, she traveled to South Korea for a short basketball study abroad program as she did not have a team.

“Coach Lee Ok-ja was my coach when I was at Champion in Japan. I was looking for a place to train, and through her, I was able to come to Shinhan Bank. I know he has a connection with the coaching staff.”

When asked about Shinhan Bank’s style, he said, “They don’t have a center, so there’s a lot of outside play, and they seem to be a team that plays a lot of three-pointers.”

Despite the commonality of basketball, there are obviously many differences between the Japanese and Korean basketball systems. Rika mentioned the hierarchy, talking during basketball, and the environment at Shinhan Bank Blue Campus. “In terms of basketball life, it was interesting to see that there is a clear hierarchy. The training center I’m staying at now has really good facilities. Everything is new and it’s a comfortable environment to play basketball.”

“In Japan, we don’t talk much when we play. Korea talks a lot and is loud. I think it’s a good way to raise the atmosphere. I want to learn this way of playing basketball and learn how to live abroad and get along with the players before going to Germany.”토토사이트

Rika will accompany Shinhan Bank for seven days before heading back to Japan. She will continue her short training in Japan before heading to Germany at the end of August.


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